About us

With a desire to create sustainable fashion pieces with a purpose, Freya Hats was established (April 2020). Each hat is made from sustainably sourced natural fibres or fabric which otherwise would have been discarded. Hats are either made in a small batch or are once-off. This means that your Freya Hat is uniquely yours. Freya Hats embraces slow fashion; therefore, each hat is packaged in our custom-made drawstring bags which are reusable and plastic-free. 

A percentage of all sales is donated to various charities which support women and children in need. 


Our Name:

pronounced: f ray uh

Freya means lady and in Scandinavian mythology she was the goddess of love. 

Not only did I sit and fray each hat but everytime I made one it was with love. Therefore, when deciding on a name for our new small business it was simple and came to us immediately. 


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