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With a desire to create sustainable fashion pieces with a purpose, Freya Hats was established. Each hat is made from sustainably sourced natural fibres or fabric which otherwise would have been discarded. Hats were first made from discarded fabric sample books and as we evolved so did our fabric options. Hats are either made in a small batch or are once-off. This means that your Freya Hat is uniquely yours. Freya Hats embraces slow fashion; therefore, each hat is packaged in our custom-made drawstring bags which are reusable and plastic-free. 

A percentage of all sales is donated to various charities which support women and children in need. We have an ongoing collaboration with The CORA Project. 100% of profits from the sale of the CORA hat is donated to The CORA Project with the aim to help fight period poverty in South Africa. 


Our Name:

pronounced: f ray uh

Freya means lady and in Scandinavian mythology she was the goddess of love. 

Not only did I sit and fray each hat but everytime I made one it was with love. While sitting around our sewing table one afternoon, my sister suggested we call my new small business: Freya Hats. 

What started as a passion project to raise money has grown into so much more. I am so excited to see where this journey takes us next. 


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